Welcome to the New York State Hepatitis C Dashboard

The Hepatitis C (HCV) Dashboard will be launching soon, with the purpose of measuring, tracking, and disseminating actionable information on progress towards eliminating HCV in New York State.

NYS HCV Elimination Plan

In November, 2021, New York State (NYS) released its HCV Elimination Plan, which provides recommendations that will lead NYS towards eliminating HCV as a public health problem. Implementation of the plan will require the work of many organizations and individuals, including state and local agencies, health care and community-based organizations, public and private partnerships, and persons impacted by HCV. These recommendations are intended to evolve with new research, care models, and policy advances. The elimination targets and metrics it sets forth are ambitious. As we work to strengthen our surveillance system, the targets and metrics may be revised to reflect improved accuracy of the data.

By making state and local HCV data available to all stakeholders, the HCV Dashboard will track New York State (NYS)’s progress towards HCV Elimination.

Read the NYS HCV Elimination Plan


Explore the HCV Timeline

NYS has been committed to addressing HCV for almost two decades. Explore the HCV Timeline to learn more about advances in HCV treatment access, prevention measures, and removing barriers to care since 2002.


Explore the Recommendations

Explore NYS’s 47 recommendations developed to eliminate HCV by 2030 using our interactive and searchable recommendations filter.

Regional Discussion Sessions

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Save the date for regional discussion sessions to learn more about the NYS HCV Elimination Plan and how NYS will track progress towards HCV elimination.